Take the Madness Out of Running Your Business.

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What is ScaleForce™?

ScaleForce™ is a product of the technology revolution now making its way into the new 21st Century business models. It’s about applying new disruptive technology to the tried and proven principles that have grown successful businesses as long as there have been entrepreneurs.

ScaleForce™ is a technology facilitated platform that your business can literally plug into… that automates every process of your business, works to keep every function performing on time and on budget, giving you instant visibility into the efficacy of your company’s inner workings while creating employee accountability for assigned tasks and actions.

Nothing escapes your view and each employee has at their fingertips the training and execution tools needed for stellar performance.

Get the Answers to:

  • Why, if I want it done right, do I have to do it myself?
  • Why can’t I find good employees?
  • Why do I have to spend so much time putting out fires?
  • How do I keep pace with Artificial Inteligence (AI) and other disruptive technologies?
  • How do I take my business to the next level… and maintain my sanity?


And it’s all been organized so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THERE! It’s all at your fingertips through your Smartphone from wherever on Earth you choose to be that day.

Removing Barriers to Growth

Most Significant Challenge Impairing Small Business Growth: The inability of most small business owners to create systems, processes, standards and controls to enable their business to grow past the $2 million barrier and then to further digitize and automate for rapid growth.

Our Certified Business Strategist® team provides a “done for you” solution.

  • Evaluates your workflow and existing processes
    • Breaks them into definable Projects each with a beginning, a middle, and an end Goal
  • Identifies your staff and their various capabilities and assignments
  • Transposes these onto a proprietary worksheet mapping a timeline
      • With clearly defined and measurable Milestones between the beginning and the end Goal
      • With the clearly defined individual Tasks that are necessary to achieve each Milestone
      • With the clearly defined Action Steps that are necessary to complete each Task
      • Linking to designated personnel that are responsible for the achievement of each Milestone Task or Action Step
      • Linking designated personnel to the tools and resources necessary to complete each Task and Action Step including:
        • Complete sets of instruction for what to do, how to do it and when to do it
        • Video tutorials showing what to do, how to do it and when to do it
  • Access to the methods and elements of completion and/or verification
    • Forms to be completed (online and system integrated)
    • Process acknowledgements, approvals and signoffs
    • Worksheets (online and system integrated)
    • Email and text communications that need to be generated
    • Phone scripts and talking points to guide key conversations
    • Digitized agreements making remote signing easy
    • Loads the proprietary worksheet information into ScaleForce™ where your personnel have access through their PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones
    • Trains your personnel how to perform their roles and execute their responsibilities through the automated system.
      • Records the training of your personnel creating a digital library for the training of future personnel for their use of the ScaleForce™ platform
    • Once in place, the ScaleForce™ platform provides complete transparency and accountability for all personnel performing all functions
    • Owners and management know in real time:
      • The status of every Project
      • The on-time performance of all personnel
      • Where any Project, Task or Action Step has fallen behind schedule or is in danger of falling behind schedule
      • What has been done and by whom to keep the Project, Task or Action Step on track and on time… with alerts and warnings to management when any Project’s Milestone, Task or Action Step is off track
    • Clients and customers know in real time the status of their order
    • Suppliers know in real time the needs of your business. Coordination and collaboration are made increasingly more efficient and cost effective

Increased Sales & Profits through Participation in a New Collaborative Business Ecosystem

  • Certified Business Strategist® teams create an Ecosystem of businesses with a common type clientele offering similar or related products and services.
  • ScaleForce™ links these businesses together electronically and facilitates their collaboration to:
    • Increase Sales and Profit Margins: Sales are cost effectively increased through automated cross-marketing of new customers and clients to them from the other businesses in the Ecosystem
    • Creating Multiple New Passive Revenue Streams: Generous fully automated revenue sharing from the businesses providing solutions to the business that was the source of the cross-marketed client or customer
    • Triple or Even Quadruple Customer Lifetime Value: Automated cross marketing your clientele to 20 or 30 other related business can more than triple net revenue
    • Triple or Even Quadruple Customers Served: Automated cross marketing the clientele of 20 or 30 other related business in the Ecosystem can more than triple a participating company’s customer or client base
    • Gain an Edge in their Marketplace: Better serve their clients or customers with collaborative Ecosystem integrated solutions that would otherwise not be possible
  • Minimal Change to Existing Business Methods: All the cross-marketing work is done by the Certified Business Strategist® using the ScaleForce™ automated platform. Participants in the Ecosystem continue to do business as usual… with a lot more customers and profit margin
  • ScaleForce™ provides transparency and accountability:
    • Transparency: The source of the client knows when a client has been cross marketed, to which company, for what product or service, how much the client is being charged, the progress of the delivery of the product or service, when and how much they will be paid as their share of revenue.
    • Accountability: ScaleForce™ bills and collects from the client (via credit card or bank transfer) and distributes the proceeds in the agreed amounts to the source of the client and the solution providing Ecosystem member.

Facilitated Growth 

  1. Stress Relief for Owners & Management: Automation of process combined with transparency and accountability, take operations out of the head of owners and management and reduces it to self-replicating process
  2. Increase Time Value of Owners & Management: Owners and Management can invest their high value time working on the business instead spending low value time working in the business
  3. Time Relief for Owners & Management: Owners and Management spend little if any time putting out fires with more personal time for family and a higher quality of life

One Last Question

Is your business equipped for the coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution?

Think of ScaleForce™  as your prelude to the business realities of this new decade.

All the automation accomplished here  is a precursor to turning more of your business function over to technology.

When others are being outdated,  you’re plugged into a technology platform that keeps you at the state-of-the-art in business effectiveness and efficiency.

Is ScaleForce™ for You?

1. Business Owners that want to maintain their sanity

2. Small and mid-size businesses  that want to grow and stay relevant
3. Small and mid-size businesses  that want to compete in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
4. Businesses and professional firms  that provide products and services to other businesses & professionals
5. Business Coaches and Consultants  seeking career opportunities as a highly paid Certified Business Strategist®


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